Monday, 19 January 2015

What's in my bag

I just purchased myself a new bag and purse (finally)! When I tipped everything out of my old bag to transfer it to the new one I realised that I always carry around so much unnecessary junk with me everywhere I go. Whether it be just popping to the local shop or travelling home.

I try to make sure its empty of bus tickets, shop receipts, general rubbish but it always end up full of it - why haven't I binned the empty Ted Baker body spray????? I'm such a lazy, slobby person aren't I!

Amongst the rubbish at the bottom of my bag you'll always find a collection of make up, my old bag was no stranger to this. Looking at it all now it seems ridiculous - carrying mascara and liquid eye liner round with me everywhere JUST IN CASE! But I know all this Superdrug bought stuff will get added to the new bag at some point! Below are links to my 3 favourite things in this pile!
Barry M - Cor Balmy in Current Bun £3.49 - saving my lips life in this cold weather and makes them  a lovely tinted dark red colour!
MUA - Cover and Conceal wand in Natural £1.50 - best coverage I've ever had with a concealer! I have dark circles around my eyes and freckles that I hate and want to hide and this really does the trick!
2True - Effortless Eyeliner in shade 1 £1.99 - I used to struggle putting liquid eyeliner on (my hands shake a lot for no reason!), but this is a dream! SO easy to apply and no matter if my hands are shaking it won't go wobbly! 

Are you as bad as me with the amount of stuff in your bags?
p.s. I strongly recommend reading the A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones books.