Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bûche de Noël, Lush Review

I am a huge fan of Lush. I love their morals, the staff are always so friendly and helpful, they only use natural and organic ingredients if possible - the list goes on! I've bought a lot of their products in the past (and still buy them, though theres a few I would wish to never have a repeat of - henna hair dye anyone????) and theres still so many that I want to try out! So obviously Lush is my number one shop for a face and body scrub. As previously mentioned in my last two blogs, here and here, I bought Lush's Bûche de Noël face and body scrub and got two tester posts of Dream Cream and Self Preserving Dream Cream to try out (which I'll review in a separate post). I got them mainly to try and combat the awful skin issue I have going on.


 I originally went into to purchase the Dark Angels scrub but when I got in there and started talking to one of the lovely assistants I was reminded of how harsh that one is on the skin. As my skin was so painful at the because of the dermatitis I needed something that wouldn't be so rough. She showed me two alternatives, Bûche de Noël and Aqua Marina. As lovely as Aqua Marina was, it was just too soft and as I wanted to get something to get rid of the dry, flakey skin I needed something a bit more rough. 

 The Bûche de Noël is packed with almonds, cranberries, satsumas and nori seaweed amongst all the other stuff. It smells oat-y, like Aveeno, which is to be expected. Its, apparently, a limited Christmas edition to the store and they had it last year but I never knew! The assistant claimed that the fruit it in makes the skin glow, I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong but I haven't seen my skin glow since she did my hand to help me choose between this or Aqua Marina.

Once you take a small section of it in your palm, you add water and mix it till it creates a paste. I'm guessing it's supposed to look a little like the image below.

It is very gentle on the skin because of the almond oil but just rough enough to take off some dry skin. It's great for people who have sensitive skin or painful skin like I did, but if you're looking for something a bit more tough I'd go with the Dark Angels. I do love this product and I will probably buy it again at Christmas if it comes back! However I think now my skin has toughened up, I might have to go and purchase Dark Angels as that will be a lot rougher and hopefully get more of the dry skin off.