Thursday, 15 January 2015

10 Favourite Game of Thrones moments

Game of Thrones announced the season 5 premier date in the past week. I am unbelievably excited for it to start as I'm a huge fan of the show and the ASOIAF books - I'm still on A Dance with Dragons: Dreams and Dust so I probably are up to where the show will be based on but I have no issue with reading after its happened, after all I did started reading the books after I'd watched 3 seasons. I'm always reading up on the newest conspiracy theories - even about the silliest things! I just love this who franchise so much.

Anyway, the announcement got me thinking about my favourite characters, moments, quotes, dresses etc... I decided to try to make my own Top 10 lists (I love making lists like this). I've gone with my favourite moments from the show, so here they are! Obviously if you aren't up to date with the show there will be spoilers and probably some distressing images which is why I've put it all under the cut!

Anyone reading this who is still in two minds about watching GoT, I would strongly advise you too but only if you can hack all the gore/sex. 

If you watch/read what are some of your favourite moments?


10 -
Daenerys chaining up her Dragons
Unlike the majority of the fanbase I do not like Dany, not entirely sure why. I used to like her but lately her book chapters are furiating me and she - in my personal opinion - comes across like a spoilt brat. I like this moment of season 4 as it should hopefully bring her down a peg or two, sure the fact that the poor farmer has lost his child upset me but the moment you saw she realised her own children had done this was great for me.

9 -
Arya showing up Joffery
I love Arya and I love people who dared to stand up to Joffery and can make him look like the silly boy he really was.

8 -

Hoster Tully's funeral
I couldn't stop laughing at this scene, bad I know! The amount of times Edmure tried to set the boat alight but failed, I thought it was great - nice lighthearted joke at a time which is causing a lot of pain for the characters included.

7 -
The sack of Astapor
Even though I previously said I do not like Dany I appreciate this milestone moment in her storyline. I love how clever she was to trick everyone into believing she was really flogging off one of her dragons for a few thousand Unsullied. This is the episode where I truly love her and I think thats why I'm disappointed in how she's recently been.

6 -

Cat Stark defending Bran
I remember watching this for the first time and I was watching it through my fingers. It's more of the sound of the knife ripping threw her hands then the actual scene. Its all shot so good as well - I was going to say beautifully but considering it's a pretty grim scene I decided against it! The different camera angles and quick shots they used where so effective! Love it.

5 -
The Mountain vs The Viper
I was no where near prepared for this. My reaction was exactly the same as Ellaria's, part of me wishes I'd recorded my reaction because it was so funny - I screamed so loud my neighbour came round to check on me! I don't think I've ever been so heartbroken. Truly shows that GRRM has no care for the good guys and how he likes to flip it around!

4 -
Oberyn's entrance
What a way to arrive in the show. Fixing him and his paramour up with a couple of whores and then walking out on them, dragging his hand through a flame and eventually ending with stabbing some Lannister in the hand. What a guy.

3 -
Brienne vs The Hound
The Hound has slowly crept up to become one of my favourite characters, I like how protective he is over the Stark girls - even though it can be seen as something creepy or for his own gain, but I like to think he isn't like that and its all just a front to keep up with his hard man rep. I love Brienne as well, she can be a bit annoying at times for me though - a bit stubborn, reminds me of Ned a little bit with how much she loves honour. I think this whole scene was great though, I sorta knew what to expect even though they'd twisted it a bit from A Storm Of Swords.

2 -
Pod killing the Kingsguard
I love Pod, I think he's a great character who just keeps getting better and better and this was his turning point for me. He really cares for Tyrion - probably the only person in Westeros who does!

1 -
"I will be your champion"
*gross sobbing in the background* I love this scene. I loved the whole relationship Oberyn and Tyrion had. I love the way the story Oberyn tells all builds up to him declaring himself as Tyrion's champion. I JUST LOVE IT. It's an important scene because it not only shows hope for Tyrion and the chance for Oberyn to finally avenge his sister, it also starts to unravel the important backstory of the Lannister family.