Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dream Cream, Lush Review

As previously mentioned in past blogs, here and here, I've been struggling with a skin issue. I went into Lush mainly to buy a face/body scrub but as I was talking to the assistant she recommended I try the Dream Creams and gave me a sample of both the Self Preserving (S.P) and standard versions. I was a bit hesitant at first because I don't often use moisturiser or lotions but as it was a free sample I went with it! 

So far I've mainly only used the standard version of Dream Cream. I can't really see an obvious difference between the two.

They both look very thick when in the tubs but once you touch them you can tell they aren't thick at all! They spread very easily across my skin and leave it feeling lovely and smooth. 

I have found that the S.P takes a little longer to go into the skin and keeps the smell - a lovely Rose Oil scent, for a longer period. The standard soaks into the skin almost straight away and the Rose Oil scent doesn't stay for long, which is a bit of a shame because I love the smell. They both feel fine though, neither feels like its heavy or clagging up the skin. 

I currently use the standard as a sort of primer before I put my make up on just because it's the quickest to soak in out of the two. It works really well as a primer! I wait around 5 to 10 minutes before I start applying my foundation just to give my skin plenty of time to soak it in. I haven't ever really used a primer before but it has helped my make up stay on a lot better than usual. I had dry patches of skin from the dermatitis and after a few hours it would become visible through the make up but once I started applying this, my make up would stay for a lot longer! 

It has certainly helped my skin to calm down. Before I got the testers my skin was so painful and itchy, yet as soon as I applied the cream onto the area it calmed down immediately and I couldn't believe it! It's packed with soothing and calming ingredients but I (have no idea why) didn't expect it to be so effective. As I mentioned in previous posts I have been using a lot of different things on my skin to try and get it under control and better but this was the first thing I used as soon as I got home from my shopping trip. 

I will definitely purchase one of the big pots one I'm done with these testers, it's likely that I'll buy the standard as I'm impatient and hate waiting for things to soak in my skin (I'm awful with fake tan!!). I can't wait to get another product from Lush, they never disappoint!