Sunday, 18 January 2015

DIY Night Light

I love sitting, watching films/tv shows, in a dimly lit room. I aren't ~supposed~ to light candles in my Uni room but I sometimes do, but I struggle with lighting them a lot of the time (I know what you're thinking - what king of idiot can't figure that out???). So my next idea was to try fairy lights! But wait! I aren't allowed to stick things on the wall without glue dots! I don't know if you've tried to pin up fairy lights with glue dots but let me tell you - it's ridiculous, they just don't stick! 

I've seen a lot of different things on pintrest to do with fairy lights and this idea was by far my favourite! 
Just stick them in an empty bottle! I love Fireball so it was obviously going to be the only empty bottle I had lying around :(

A lot of the pintrest ones (probably all of them) instructed you to drill a hole through the glass to thread the lights through. Glass + drilling = NO THANK YOU!! I aren't afraid to admit I am a wimp, there was no way I, or any of my family, was going at a glass bottle with a drill. 

I just threaded the lights through the top and left enough wire out so the battery pack can sit behind the bottle. You can't even notice it once you place it correctly! 

I think it's lovely, it gives off just the right amount of light and makes a really cosy atmosphere. Can't wait until I've drunk my Jäger and I can use that bottle, I've got a skull decanter thats currently not being used so that will probably get turned into a light as well.

Have you tried this? Was you brave enough to drill?