Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Jumper wish-list

I love jumpers, particularly ugly jumpers. They're probably my most favourite item of clothing, easy to style and extremely comfy! 

I found these 4 on Romwe, they're all one size which is a bit disappointing because of how different "one size" clothes look on different sizes/body types. I've never used this site before but I think I might in the future! I've read a reviews on them and it seems like a mixed bag... For the price though it is tempting to buy from them, I'm a student I love cheap stuff what can I say!!!

The Simpsons jumper here
Six pointed star jumper here
Aztec jumper here
Geometric jumper here

These 3 are from Rokit, a vintage website. I love second and third, they are just lovely, I might have to save up and buy one!  

Green, Red and Grey Fairisle jumper here
Navy, Red and Yellow Fairisle jumper here
Black, Blue and Red Fairisle jumper here