Thursday, 8 January 2015

New nails!!!

For the first time in my life I've gone and had Acrylic nails done! There was an offer on them at my hairdressers, Dazzling, £10 for a set! I've seen them normally average at £20 and i've been thinking lately that I'd spend that and have them done, so you can imagine how happy I was when I saw the offer!

I went with a darker colour as I'm not really into bright ones on my nails, think it was "Starburst Blue". They used Shellac varnish, its supposed to last a lot longer than your normal varnish - not as likely to chip.

I chose the stiletto style as I've seen them a lot recently and love the way they look! I also really don't like the more square styled ones, not my cup of tea at all. I wasn't sure if there was any other shapes available apart from the square and stiletto but I just did a quick Google image search and found this handy little guide!
If I have them done again after this I think I'll ask for almond style, stiletto are a bit too pointy for me - forever scared I'm going to rip my eyes out or cut my skin open!

I love the little gem detail she put on them! They was 50p extra each nail and it was £3 extra for the shellac varnish as well, so altogether it came to £14, still a bargain when other stores charge £20+.

They're definitely taking some getting used to! Scared I break one! It's also proving really difficult to type with them! Do I just use the tips of them or do I try and use the palm of my fingers... I can't even remember how I used to type before, it's not something I ever payed attention too! I do love them though, make me feel girly :)

Have any of you ever had acrylic nails done? Whats your tips on how to do everyday things with them on?