Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Geisha Wigs - Precious Metal

my all time favourite selfie right here, etch it into my tombstone when I am gone
My hair is in such a bad state at the moment from all the dying and straightening/curling I put it through, I haven't had it cut for about a year (I have a bit of a fear of hairdressers...) and I found a dead end the other day that was about 3 inches long!!!!!  

I've been looking into ways to make it more healthy, majority of which say "stop straightening" but I can't! My hair is in-between straight and curly so it comes out as this AWFUL wavy texture (I'll update this post tomorrow with a photo of it if I remember) so to make it look decent it needs to be straightened, well I guess it doesn't need to be I just want it to be. Other ways to deal with it was to deep condition it which I've been doing and I can't see a difference, probably because I need to cut off the dead but I hate going to hairdressers - all that unnecessary talking like nah just ssh and cut my hair!

My friend introduced me to Geisha Wigs a few months ago when I was complaining about how bad my hair is, how much I want it to grow, blah blah blah. She's trying to grow her hair out from what used to be a pixie cut and has around 6 or 7 wigs from them and looks beautiful in every single one! I was a little bit unsure about it at first, I love having long hair and always nearly have my extensions clipped in but I thought with a wig it might be more obvious its fake so I held off from buying one for a while.

That was until another friend of mine put a photo on Facebook, I was in the background of it and from the back you could see my hair was different to the extensions and it just looked ridiculous.
This is how its meant to look!
This is how it looked at the back! Oh my god I'm so embarrassed!
Thats when I decided to ditch the extensions and try a wig! I thought nothing could be more embarrassing then what my hair looked like on that night!

I went for a bright blue wig, I have always wanted to dye my hair blue but the bleaching scares me a little and how expensive it must be to keep dying it every few weeks!
These where the stock photos on the site.

Beautiful aint it! I ordered it over easter holidays and used a sale code so it came to about £22 with p&p, normally it would have been around £24. It turned up the day after I left for uni - gutted! But kindly my mum forwarded it on and it came the next day! I was so excited, I ripped it out the bag and plonked it on my hair straight away, no wig cap or anything I just really wanted to see if blue suited me.

I was so impressed by the colour and texture, its super soft and sooo thick which can be a bit of a curse if you like to pin parts back like I do. It was far too curly for me, they all bunch up around my fat face and it just wasn't a nice look for me at all so I've straightened it now and I just love it so much. I'd read on previous blogs that to combat the shininess (it was very shiny) you cover it in dry shampoo so I spent a while doing that and finally added, or at least attempted to, roots by rubbing black eye shadow along the parting I'd created.

Because of how bright it is I was nervous to wear it out of my room incase my new flat mates was like "what the hell do you look like" but my friend reassured me it looked fine and natural - as natural as bright blue can be anyway! I finally wore it out to go to work in today and the amount of compliments I got off strangers while walking there was amazing, I felt a little sad to tell them it was a wig!

I've definitely caught the wig bug now, I've just, after a long 2 days debating about which one, ordered Firebug which is a beautiful auburn colour and I'm so excited to get it! Can't wait to be back to my gingerness!
I'm now currently struggling to choose between Tarot/Black Cherry Chocolate Cake or Storm Cloud for my next purchase! Drifting more towards Storm Cloud because I've wanted grey hair for sooo long, but we shall see.

I am just obsessed with this wig right now! I feel so beautiful in it and I can't stop taking selfies, which is quite a big deal for me because I don't have a lot of self confidence. It's just absolutely gorgeous!
It looks a lot lighter when I'm outside
lil chubby legs out on show!!
 I need my eyebrows doing so badly...